Hardwood Floor

For eco-friendly and durable hardwood floors

Are you thinking of redoing your floor soon and you would like to opt for a hardwood floor? Not only is this a great choice, but you're in the right place. Specialists in sanding and varnishing floors in Montreal, Les Planchers Guy Bédard et fils offers you sales, installation, as well as complete hardwood floor repair and sanding services customized for your residence and business.

Since our beginnings, 40 years ago, we have been proud to offer quality and guaranteed services to our customers. Our know-how has passed from father to son, through three generations, and our team has kept the same values throughout the years.

Large selection of wood species

With a wide selection of hardwood flooring designs, we work with renowned suppliers to provide you with quality, eco-friendly and durable products.

The installation of hardwood floors is an art that our experts fully master. Because every tree and species of wood is unique, our experts work to bring out all the beauty of the wood grain by performing a meticulous, 99% dust-free sanding and applying a varnish that will keep the floor looking natural.

We have all the wood species imaginable (maple, oak, cherry, cherry, pine, walnut, etc.) in order to be able to bring out all the beauty of your décor, regardless of the style of your construction. What's more, the finishing possibilities offered by our wood oils and varnishes are endless: matte, satin, glossy, oiled, etc.

Products that are safe and environmentally friendly

All products that we use are safe and do not pose any danger to the environment. This allows you to choose a healthy, odorless and durable hardwood floor. Our specialty, the restoration of old wood floors, is an ecological and economical choice for your residence or business.

To know more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts will be happy to come and meet with you to show you the different possibilities of hardwood flooring available to you. We serve the Montreal area and its surroundings.