Welcome to the site of Les Planchers Guy Bédard et fils, a family business located in Montreal

Welcome to the site of Les Planchers Guy Bédard et fils, a family business located in Montreal

At Les Planchers Guy Bédard et fils, a family business, we have your satisfaction at heart. That's why we've been offering you the highest quality products and services since our start, over 40 years ago.

Not only has our knowledge been passed down from father to son, through three generations, but our professionals continue to keep abreast of new trends in order to offer you up-to-date hardwood flooring products with today’s taste.

Doing business with the best hardwood and varnish suppliers in North America, we offer durable green flooring that reflects your tastes and preferences, and match perfectly with the style of your décor.

Floor sanding Montréal

Floor sanding

The team from LES PLANCHERS GUY BÉDARD et FILS do sanding of residential, commercial and institutional floors. We can sand all types of floors, whether hardwood or soft wood, traditional or exotic species.

Our dust-free sanding service is performed with a belt sander as well as professional grade power sanders and polishers. The surface is sanded with great precision in the direction of the grain, so as not to remove too much thickness and to perform uniform sanding.

After sanding your hardwood floor, we polish the entire surface before applying 3 layers of either a clear or coloured varnish (of your choice).

It is worth noting that a hardwood floor can be sanded several times throughout its lifespan. After a few years, your hardwood floor wears out, turns yellow and becomes covered with scratches, stains and dents that can take away its beauty. But it’s possible to restore the original beauty of your floor thanks to our professional sanding and varnishing.

Our team can also refresh your hardwood floor without having to sand it completely. Only scratches and dents are sanded using a special process, then a varnish is applied to the entire surface of the floor, which brings it back to new at a lower cost.

Vernir un plancher Montréal

Varnishing a floor

After sanding your residential or commercial wood floor to perfection, our team will apply 3 coats of a high-performance, quick-drying protective varnish onto it. We use, among other things, Vermeister brand eco-friendly varnishes. We are among the first companies in Quebec to offer the Zero Concept series, which contains no solvents and has very low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

These varnishes are safe for both health and the environment, while still being very resistant. They can even be used in high-traffic public institutions. These varnishes magnify the natural colour of the wood essence and enhance the veins, while waterproofing the surface and protecting it from scrapes and scratches.

Our team can also stain and varnish your floor in a single operation, thanks to a varnish colouring based on modified vegetable oils. A vast range of colours are available to you.

We can also refresh your floor without having to sand it. We remove the scratches by a special process, and then apply a varnish over the entire surface, which instantly and cost-effectively returns your floor to new.

For the lovers of oiled wooden floors, we can replace the varnish with oil, which will provide a matte and natural finish. The oil will also bring out the veins of the wood as well as the richness of its colour.

Products that are safe and environmentally friendly

We specialize in the sanding and varnishing of hardwood floors, but we also offer a multitude of other services to our customers, such as the installation and repair of hardwood floors. We have available several models of hardwood floors in order to be able to adapt to all tastes and budgets.

Our team stands out for its outstanding dynamics as well as the quality of its products. For example, we are proud to be among the first in Canada to offer Zero Concept, products, VOC-free and solvent-free varnishes that are highly environmentally friendly. These products not only offer you a multitude of incomparable finishes for your floors, they also do not turn yellow and they protect your surfaces for several years.

By choosing us for the sanding or varnishing of your flooring, you are assured of obtaining durable and green floors, safe for your health and for the environment.

To learn more about our services or to get your free quote, do not hesitate to contact us. Our professionals will be happy to meet with you to show you the different options available to you in terms of hardwood floors. We serve the Montreal area and its surroundings.

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Great service. We did business with them for the office floors. The floors were in a pitiful state when they arrived and the result after sanding and varnishing was superb. Good advice, honest and understanding of the needs of his client.

Clovis Piché


During our recent renovations, we sandblasted and varnished our red oak floors with Planchers Guy Bédard & fils, relying on the many reviews on Google. We were impressed with the end result. In short, we recommend without hesitation this family business which has exceeded our expectations (no dust, no surprises, simply A1!), and this, without exceeding our budget! Thanks to Alex, Maxime and Junior. See you in the spring for the top floor! Alany & Remi.

Alany Manisy


Very happy with the work done. I matched a new raw wood floor with an existing floor that was worn and after sanding and varnishing, the result is amazing, you can't see any difference! Friendly team, good communication and honest.

Lucie Taliana

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