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The floor sanding experts in Montreal

Do you want to have floor sanding done in Montreal? Les Planchers Guy Bédard & Fils is the company that you need. If your current wood floor is frayed, damaged, scratched or yellowed, we will restore its beauty! Floor sanding allows you to inexpensively rediscover a floor that is like new, stained to the colour of your choice!

Our team performs sanding and varnishing of wood floors in all cities in the Greater Montreal area. We perform sanding of hardwood or soft wood floors, such as floors of exotic species (ipe, mahogany, etc.). Our services are offered to owners of homes, stores and businesses as well as to managers of institutional buildings (schools, libraries, etc.).

Dust-free floor sanding

Hardwood floor sanding is a technique of stripping the wood with sandpaper to remove the top layer. It allows it to give a second life to your floor by restoring the original appearance of the wood. Subsequently, it’s possible to use finishing products (stains, varnishes, oils, etc.) to customize the appearance of your floor while matching it with the rest of your décor.

Always on the lookout for new developments and trends, our experts use state-of-the-art tools and techniques that enable them to achieve 99% dust-free floor sandblasting. This guarantees you clean and environmentally friendly work.

When sanding your floor, our experts pay great attention to detail in order to bring out the grain of the wood species. Our mission is to offer you durable floors, which retain their natural appearance for many years to come.

Finishing your wood floor

After having sanded your floor, we proceed to the finishing of it. There are numerous possibilities of colours and finishes for your hardwood floor. Our experts will be happy to show you the various stain colours offered, as well as the different varnish finishes. Some prefer to keep the natural colour of the wood while others like to darken a floor to give it a completely different look. It is also possible to oil the wood floor, which enhances the veins of the wood and gives it a breathtaking charm.

Environmentally friendly and durable varnishes

We are proud to be one of the first floor sanding companies in Canada to offer the Berger-Seidle a company that puts worker safety and the environment at the heart of its priorities. These varnishes have very low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and do not contain solvents. They do not pose any risk to your health or to the environment. Made with a water base, they are ecological, aesthetically pleasing and very resistant.

The varnishes we use for interior wood floors consist of a mixture of vegetable oils, which enhance the natural appearance of the wood by highlighting the veins and colour, all while optimally protecting it.

We can also colour and varnish your hardwood floor in a single operation (dyes based on modified vegetable oils). The colour is uniform, and the product penetrates deeply into the wood, which protects it from mold and fungus. This coloured varnish can be applied on all species, but it is recommended on wood species that have large veins (oak, larch, etc.). The most interesting part is that you can personally determine the colour that you want for your hardwood floor. The range of colours is almost endless!

Our floor sanding method

A hardwood floor can be sanded a few times without losing its strength. However, this operation must be done with caution. You cannot sand the surface too much, and, above all, you must sand the surface in an even fashion!

The sanding of a hardwood floor must be carried out with proper equipment. Sanders and polishers, as well as a belt sander are needed. The surface must therefore first be well prepared by cleaning it and removing stains, as well as any residues that would be stuck on to it. It is also necessary to repair perforated, skinned or torn slats.

We always sand in the direction of wood, with a more abrasive paper at the beginning, and softer towards the end. We may have to sand a few places by hand. Before applying the stain and varnish, the floor must be polished to perfection and washed. We then apply up to 3 coats of varnish, depending on the use of the floor (traffic, presence of animals, etc.). We must respect the required drying time between each coat. Our water-based varnish is very tough and durable. It is used in public institutions with high traffic.

Contact us for floor sanding

To find out more about our dust-free floor sanding services, or to make an appointment with one of our experts, don’t hesitate to contact us. The technicians at Les Planchers Guy Bédard & Fils serve all of the cities in the Greater Montreal region to offer you a professional and attentive service.

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